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These are the choices within the "Translations" menu which is only available with Fast-Help International and the Corporate Edition.

Language Manager

Displays the Language Manager where you can select/add/delete Languages

Cascade Changes

Updates the current Translation Language with the latest changes from your Project


Displays the Revisions screen where you can see the changes Log

Allow Unprotected Editing

Disables the Protected Editor


Displays the compiled files specific to the current Translation Language

View Error Log

Displays the error log for either your WinHelp or HtmlHelp Translation Language file


Link Analyzer

This will analyze all links in your Translation and create a report showing the status of links and where they link to.

Word Count

This will count all the text in your Translation.

Dealing with Duplicated Text

Opens the "Duplicated Text" rules screen, which allows you to automatically search for already translated items and apply that translation to un-translated text.

Compact and Repair Translation

This option will reduce the size of your Translation .mdb file if possible, and repair it if there are any problems. Your original Translation will be backed up.

Export to Translator

Displays the Export screen where you can prepare your Translation Language to be sent to your Translator

Import from Translator

Imports the translated data from your Translator

Save Translation to a New Project

Saves the current Translation to a New Project. Only available in the Corporate Edition.

Windows Regional and Language Settings

This loads the Regional Settings screen, which is useful if you want to change your current language before compiling to another language.