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The "Translations" tab is the fourth tab in "Project Settings".

This tab is only for the International and Corporate Editions of FastHelp. It controls the format for importing and exporting strings. You can import a text file containing strings, but the text file needs to be saved as a UTF-8 Unicode file. You can do this in Notepad by selecting "File | Save As" and in the Encoding field, select "UTF-8". The default import format is:


What this means is that if you have a unicode text file that looks like this:-

Then the string on the left of the equals sign will become the StringID and the string on the right of the equals sign will become the string to be translated.

Set the editor to use Unicode Only

If this option is checked then the editor will default to Unicode only, and all pasted text will be converted to Unicode. This option is ideally suited to Eastern languages. You do not need to use this option if you are only editing in English, or any other Western language.