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You can find this option on the "Contents" tab within "Project | Website Options". The Contents section describes how the Table of Contents will appear in your finished Website. It functions is a similar way to a Help File's contents, except that to open a Heading you need to single click the heading icon once, rather than twice. Clicking on a Topic icon does not do anything. You need to click on the Topic Title.

When you click on a contents entry...

The first option in this section is "Show the page name in the address bar". This is checked by default. When checked, if you click on a page in the contents, index or search tabs, that page name will be displayed in the browser address bar. For example, if you click on a page with the name "Welcome.html", then the address bar will look something like this, "...index.html?Welcome.html". This allows you to copy that address and give it to someone else so they can then use that in their browser to go directly to that page. If this option is unchecked then the address bar will always show the default page, which is "index.html" by default.

If you have a large table of contents, when you click on a topic or heading, that page can jump to a different position in the tree as the tree is re-loaded. When the "Automatically Scroll to the current page" option is checked, the tree will scroll to a position relative to your current page.

If the second option, "Automatically Collapse other Headings", is checked, then when you open another heading, any other open headings that are not on the current branch, will be closed.

Colors and Width
The Background color is used to set the background color of the Contents. This color is represented in hex format, as Html uses it. The width of the contents section is in pixels, but is resizable by the user. The Active Color allows you to highlight the current title and the Last Visited color allows you to show the last title you clicked on.

Table of Contents Title
You can change the Title text to a word or phrase of your choosing. You can also change the font, size and color.

Contents Entry
This refers to the font, size and color of both Headings and Topics.

Copyright Notice
You can change the text as well as the font settings. This notice will appear on the bottom left of the Contents.

These are the images that Fast-Help uses to determine the Heading and Topic icons. These are located in the "..\Templates\Website\Images" folder, beneath your installation folder. Please type in just the new image name if you change these values. The "Position from Top" field refers to the bottom position of the images, i.e. the invisible line upon which they sit. The value you enter here should correlate with the "Height" value that is specified in "Top Section".

Resizable Frames
If this is set to "Yes" then the user will be able to resize the Contents and Help Text.

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