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You can find this option on the "Search" tab within "Project | Website Options". If you are used to searching the Web with tools like Google or Yahoo, then you may expect a highly advanced search engine, but these kinds of search engines come at a steep performance price when built into a single website. That is why you don't often see such as option for a Website generated in this way. But with FastHelp we have brought you a simple search engine that builds its search criteria based on your title and index words and optionally on all your help text. It is simple, but very effective.

Use Background Image

There are two "Use Background Image" sections on this tab. The first one at the top is for setting the background color and image for the left side of the search tab. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that the left side of the screen contains a background image. If you specify a background image please remember to check the option "Use Background Image" otherwise the image will be ignored.

Font Settings

These Font settings are used for all the text on the left side of the Search tab as well as the results text on the right.

Delimiters that separate words

When you want to search your Project text for a word or phrase FastHelp needs to know what constitutes a word. It uses delimiters to break words down, for example a space, a comma or a period or a hyphen will all normally denote a separation of words. You can use the characters in this field to control how FastHelp breaks words apart. For example, the phrase "anti-nuclear" would be considered to be two words if the hyphen character "-" was one of the delimiters. But if you removed the hyphen from the delimiter field then "anti-nuclear" would be considered one word.

Search Results

The search results are displayed on the right of the screen. You have two options to control how the results appear, as follows:

Prefix Results with Numbers

In the screenshot below, the user has typed in "tutorial" in the search box on the left. The results are displayed on the right. The results are numbered 1, 2, etc. If you uncheck "Prefix Results with Numbers" and recompile then the results will not be numbered.

Highlight the search results using this color

If this option is checked, then when the user clicks on a search result, the matching search terms will be highlighted using the color you specify. For example, if you set yellow as then in the screenshot below you can see the matching search term is highlighted on the right. You can set the color to anything you choose.

Highlight Behavior

FastHelp provides two ways to control how the matching results are highlighted. The default behavior is to highlight all matching words as one phrase. For example, if you searched for "the stronger man" then that whole phrase would be highlighted if matched. But the individual words "the", "stronger" and "man" would not be. However, you may wish to highlight individual words, so we have provided that option - simply check the "Highlight any matching words individually" option and any matching words will be highlighted.

Click the [Show an example] button and you will see the screenshot below, which helps to explain how the behavior will work in practise.

Use Background Image

The second Background Image option at the bottom of this tab allows you to set the background color and a background image on the right of the screen when the search results are displayed. The screenshot below shows a rather garish background image on the right behind the search results.

Customizing the text on the Search tab

Once your Website help has been prepared, if you click on the Search tab, you will see that Fast-Help has already placed some instructions for the use of this tab, such as "Type in your search text...". If you want to change this, you can do so by using Variables. Please click here and scroll to the end of the Variables Topic to find out more.

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