What is Fast-Help International?
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Fast-Help International (FHI) does everything that Fast-Help does, but it has one main extra feature - the ability to manage the translation of your Project into multiple languages.

FHI does not translate your text, but rather it is an assistant that helps to manage the complexities of translation.

Problems of traditional Translation

You finish your help Project, tested all your links, images, footnotes etc. Now you are ready for translation so you send an MS Word file to your Translator. They translate it, send it back, now what? You try to compile it but your compiler fails with hundreds of corruption warnings. You don't know what to do, but you struggle through, finding out how to deal with corruption. Maybe you persevere and a few days later you get it to compile. Where are your images gone? Why don't your links work anymore? What happened your index?

This is no exaggeration, we've encountered this many many times. So many in fact that we decided to write Fast-Help International

The Solution

We created a management tool called Fast-Help International which allows you to prepare your Project for translation. We then created a stand-alone program called the "Translation Assistant" which allows the Translator to translate your Project within a protected environment, where they cannot damage any of your links, images etc. Your experience of the translation process is to send your data to the Translator, receive the translation back, then you compile. You won't have to worry about the integrity of your help file, FHI manages that for you.

Click the image below to see an online video of using Fast-Help International.

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