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Below your Translation language folder you will find the "Export" folder. When you select "Translations | Export to Translator" you get the choice of producing a full export or only a Revision. If you produced a full export you will find the file "" in the Export folder, otherwise you will find "". In the example below we are sending the file, so just send the if this is what you exported.

Send the file and the Translation Assistant setup file to your Translator.

Downloading the Translation Assistant

You can always download the latest version of the Translation Assistant from:-

You can either download it and send it to your Translator with your file or ask them to download it from the above location and only send them the file.

Installing the Translation Assistant

You can see what the Translator will see by trying this yourself. Download the Translation Assistant and copy your file to the same directory you download TrSetup.exe into. Run TrSetup.exe and install it. You will see your language appear, ready to be translated. This is what the Translator will see. It is very important that the Translator runs the TrSetup.exe installation with the file in the same directory, otherwise the Translation Assistant will prompt for it when loading.

Sending Revisions to your Translator

Once the Translator has installed the Translation Assistant, then any Revisions you send them, they should take a copy and copy it into the Data folder of the Translation Assistant installation directory, which is TrData by default. When they next load the Translation Assistant it will check for a file, if it finds it, it will process it, i.e. it will add the Revisions, then delete the file so it won't be processed again. This is why the Translator should only copy a duplicate of the file into the installation directory:

      ..\Translation Assistant\TrData\

The Translator also has the ability to work with Revisions and can filter on them or send you only a specific revision.

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