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Insert menu now has "HtmlHelp Control" submenu with 11 options on it. The main one is the <TAG> option which allows you to insert blocks of raw html code hidden within a <TAG> shape in the editor. When you compile the raw html is added to your HtmlHelp project. The other 10 options support the HtmlHelp API for things like ShortCuts, ALinks and Splash screens. Open each one and press F1 for specific help.

The Format menu now has 3 new options, "Bullets", "Numbering" and "Bullets and Numbering". The latter allows you to choose what kind of bullets or numbering to use.

Insert Image changed so that even if explorer hides known file extensions, the image type is now recognised.

Added "HtmlHelp Control" options to the Help Sytem and updated some errata.

WinHelp - Automatic Browse Sequence added. When checked, if you have Browse buttons enabled, the user can browse your Topics in the same sequence as they appear in Contents. If this option is unchecked then the browse sequence will follow the BrowseID and Name in the Properties tab for each Topic.

Links: When changing the Link Type, the "Link to the following..." field only changed once you had moved to it. It now changes as soon as the Link Type changes.

Links in WinHelp: If links were copied and pasted between Topics and then compiled, in WinHelp only the original link would function. This has now been changed so that links which are copied and pasted via the clipboard will also work.

WinHelp Browse buttons: When un-checked in WinHelp Compiler Options, they would still show on the toolbar. This has been fixed.

Links to bookmarks in secondary windows fixed.