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= New Feature

= Improvement

= Resolved Issue




Hotspot Popups: The issue with Popups defined in image hotspots has been resolved and Popups will now compile as Popups.

The menu item "Edit | Delete Topic/Heading" will now change to "Delete Popup" if you are on the Popups tab.

Font combo boxes can now be typed in and will find the closest matching font as you type.

When inserting an Image from a folder other than your Project's Images folder, you will now receive a message that your image was copied to the Images folder. You can turn this off after it has appeared once.

Style Gallery: Fixed issue with deleting Styles and changing style names.

Fast-Help International - Cascading Changes and Images: When a Base Language image was different from the Translated Image the Base image would overwrite it. A date/time check is now made and if the Translated image date is newer it is preserved.