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The "Format" menu now has a new option, "Convert to Unicode". This will convert the text on the current tab, "Contents", "Popups" or "Translations", to unicode. Your text format may change so please backup your project before using this.

The "HtmlHelp" Compile screen now has a check box called "Convert Unicode to Ansi". If this is checked the unicode text will be converted to the ansi equivalent during compile. Conversion is based on the font and character set of the text.

PNG Image conversion for WinHelp: WinHelp does not support PNG files  but Fast-Help will now automatically convert them during compile.

WinHelp macros that use "www" or "mailto" references, will now be automatically converted to Html links during a HtmlHelp compile.

The formatting toolbar has been changed - the Styles combo box now lists all Text styles first, with all text styles grouped below the default style. The Paragraph styles are then similarily grouped below them. The Font combo box now displays a preview of each font as you pass your mouse over the font name.

The JavaScript file that controls Nonscroll regions, including Printing, only printed the visible region. It has now been updated so that the only printing limitation is that the printed page width will be the width of the topic being printed. Please download it by clicking here and unzip it into your Templates folder, AND all your Projects HtmlHelp folders. The changes will take effect when you re-compile your HtmlHelp files.

Fast-Help International - Producing a translated manual, rtf file or PDF could fail with bookmarks, this has been fixed.