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Compression: The size of the Project .mdb file could grow quite large. Compression has now been added which reduces the project size by up to two thirds. To compress your existing data, simply open each Topic one by one by clicking on the title in the Contents. Fast-Help will recognise that the old data is not compressed and will automatically compress it. If you have Translations please repeat this for your old data. This need only be done once. To now compact the size of your Project select "Tools | Compact and Repair Your Project"

"Compact and Repair Your Project" is a new feature on the "Tools" menu. This option will attempt to reduce the size of your Project and make any repairs if needed. This will have the effect of speeding up your Project as well. Your original Project will be backed up and given the extension ".Backup".

Website Options: The Contents tab now has a new property in the "Contents Entry" section, "Bold". This simply allows all your contents entries to appear bold or not bold.

"Rename Project" is a new option on the "File" menu. This will rename the internal Project name that you see on the top left of the screen. If you want to also rename the Project .mdb file, please close Fast-Help and rename it using Explorer.

Translations: Setting "Allow Unprotected Editing" previously required you to reload the current topic for the changes to take effect. This now happens automatically.

Translations: Cascade Changes now has a new option "Update Status Icons". This is always checked, but if you un-check it, the Status Icons for your current Translation Language will not be changed. All other changes will occur as normal. This is useful if you want to cascade but retain the overall status of your Translation.

Translations: Filter Status - on the Translations tab there is a new option next to "Revisions" called "Filter". If you click the drop-down arrow you will see four options, Blank=All, Red=Un-translated, Amber=Part-Translated and Green=Translated. The selection of any of these options will filter the current language so you can for example - only work on the un-translated Topics.

Documentation: "Add Page Breaks". If you select "Project | Documentation Options" and click on the "Help Text" button, you will see a "Add Page Break" checkbox on both the "Headings" and "Topic Title" sections. If this option is checked then the Heading or Topic will start on a new page.

Compiling WinHelp and HtmlHelp - Automatically Sort the Index: When you add a new Topic a Keyword is automatically added to the Index tab. It is not sorted though, so it will initially appear at the top. If you check this option it is like clicking on the "Sort Index Alphabetically" button on the Index tab.

Website Help: Clicking on a Heading icon previously opened or closed that heading. Now you can click on either the icon or the heading text.

Variables in Translations did not always compile. Fixed.

Deleting a Style did not update in real-time. Fixed.

On some systems "WinHelp Project Options" and "HtmlHelp Project Options" was not opening correctly. Fixed.