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Quick Compile for HtmlHelp: This option is available on the Compile screen and when checked it will check when each Topic was last compiled and compare it with when it was last modified. If the date and time is the same then it is not re-processed, thus speeding up the compile. The very first time you compile you will not see the benefit, but each subsequent time you compile you will see dramatic speed increases.

Pasting MS Word text with Images. Images in HtmlHelp and WinHelp must always be referenced as files, whereas in MS Word etc, you can simply paste them from the clipboard. Now you can paste images into Fast-Help and when you save the Topic the image will be automatically saved to your images folder and the image will be referenced in the editor, rather than the original pasted version.

Right-click over a keyword in the Index tab and you will now see a menu with three options:

"Goto the first Topic with this Keyword" - which will do as it says.

"Find" - type in a Keyword and it will be found if it is in the Index

"Edit" - same as double-clicking, allows you to change the Keyword

Translation Filters have been changed so that when they are used, changes to the Status of for example, a Topic, do not cause the Topic to disappear. To refresh a Filter Status simply reselect it.

Compiling with blank indexes or titles has been made more tolerant so that Fast-Help will now allow this.