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Find/Replace now has a new tab to allow searching on other fields such as Topic and Popup Title and Context String and HelpID.

Right-clicking in help text now has a new menu option "Insert | Bookmark".

Copy Help Files to... feature has been added to the WinHelp and HtmlHelp compile tabs. An arrow icon can be clicked to toggle the copying options to visible or hidden. This feature will copy your compiled help files to any destination you specify.

WinHelp and HtmlHelp compiling produces error logs with the extension ".err". Fast-Help will now automatically associate this extension with notepad when attempting to display the error log.

Website Compile now has three new options, "Quick Compile", "Include Nonscroll Section" and "Add Browse Buttons".

Size and Position of the Fast-Help screen is now remembered between sessions.

WinHelp Compile speed has been dramactically improved.

Find/Replace has been expanded so that it now works over the whole Project. Simply uncheck the "Just current Topic" option.

Users of nVidia Desktop Manager reported conflicts with Fast-Help. These have now been resolved.

Switching a Heading to "Editable" in HtmlHelp will now set the contents icon to number 21. This allows you and your users to easily distinguish that this heading has text in it. You can override this by clicking on the "Properties" tab and setting the icon in the HtmlHelp section to 1.

External File option in the HtmlHelp tab of "Properties" will now copy the external file if it exists in the HtmlHelp folder, to the Website folder when compiling a Website.

The "Insert Image" screen used to function like explorer when an image was double-clicked, i.e. it would load it. Now double-clicking has the same effect as clicking the [OK] button.

Website Options: Clicking on the images of Contents, Index and Search will now change the related tabs on the right of the screen. The look and feel has also been updated for font selection.

Compile screen - added a text warning for Quick Compile on the HtmlHelp and Website tabs to uncheck this option if any new Topics have been added or deleted.

Compile screen has had an aesthetic overhaul and is now much quicker.

WinHelp Browse sequencing would not always follow the order you expected, this has been fixed.