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Right-click menus in Contents allow you to Edit, Delete, Expand or Collapse the tree, Convert to a Popup or Print the Contents list.

Right-click menus in the Popup tree allow you to Edit, Delete, Convert to a Topic or Print the Popup list.

Right-click menus in Index allow you to Edit, Delete, Go to the first Topic with that keyword or Print the Index list.

Navigation View: On the Contents toolbar there is a new button which will display the Navigation View, which lists all Contents entries in a tabular list, showing Title, HelpID and Context String.

Automatic Index Sorting: Select "Project | Settings" and you will see this new option. It is checked for all new projects but you will have to turn it on for existing projects. Turning it on will enable much quicker adding of Topics and all index related operations will be much faster. The only reason why you should not turn this feature on is if you do not wish to have an alphabetical index.

Image Properties: You can now specify the Html Popup Width when compiling HtmlHelp and using Html Popups.

Changing Contents Titles: You can now choose to automatically update the Nonscroll region and any Index entry.

Index and Sorting: This is an important change! See the new feature for Automatic Index Sorting above.

Double-Click a Keyword to go to that keyword. Previously double-click edited the keyword. You now right-click and select Edit to change the keyword.

Menus: added Ctrl+D shortcut for deleting Topics/Headings

International Version: The Contents and Popups views have been changed to include the Original Title, Revision, HelpID and ContextString.

International Version and Filtering: The option to filter on Status and Revision has been removed and superceded by the ability to group and sort by clicking on the Headings within the Contents and Popups. If you would like the old feature back please let us know and if there is enough demand we can have both features.

Dragging and Dropping: In the Contents you could always drag and drop a contents entry into a new position, but now when you are dragging you will see a line with an arrow down to insert above an entry or a line with arrows pointed upwards to insert below an entry or a page symbol to make the entry a child of another entry.

Contents entries dragged and dropped and moved up and down sometimes did not look the same when the Project was reloaded. This has been fixed.

Interational Version - Import Strings: This option had previously been disabled and is now fixed.

WinHelp: Newly added Windows were not saved correctly. This has been fixed.

Compiling WinHelp and JPGs: JPGs were not being correctly converted to bitmaps for WinHelp. This has been fixed.

Paragraph Spacing in Html: This sometimes created double-line spacing. This has been fixed.

Bullets and Numbered Lists had a problem with the indents not wrapping the same as the first line. This has been fixed.