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New "Maintenance" menu below Tools menu. There is also a new feature "Check Data Integrity". If you manually delete entries in the database or have any problems with your data this option will try to resolve any clashes.

When pasting from the clipboard, if the cipboard contains tables that have images within the cells, they will now be correctly inserted and their size maintained.

International: Now when you make a change to translation text the Translation Status is automatically set to Part Translated (if it was Un-Translated).

"Tools | Compact and Repair your Project" has been moved beneath "Tools | Maintenance"

In HtmlHelp compile, if there were many popups within one topic the text could sometimes appear to layer itself over other text. This DHTML issue has been resolved.

Editing Index entries did not always save the results. This has been fixed.

Ghost Topics - toggling this option would not reflect in the tree immediately. This has been fixed.