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The Documentation options on the Compile screen has a new option "Convert PNG images to JPG". PNGs are not handled well by MS Word and can bloat the size of the .rtf file. This new option on the compile screen prevents this bloating. It is turned on by default.

Compiling Documentation for MS Word now uses a template to help with a more accurate Table of Contents and Index. Please download the following zip file:-


and unzip it into the Templates folder below your Fast-Help installation folder. Please be aware that this template uses macros and MS Word may warn you about them, depending on the security level you have set for macros.

The Documentation options on the Compile screen has a new option "First Topic after Heading starts on new page". This is also on the Help Text section of the Documentation Options screen. If unchecked then no page breaks will be added if the Topic is the first Topic after a Heading. This gets around the issue of having a Heading on its own page.

Page Conditions: This is a major new feature which extends Project Conditions to allow you to Include or Exclude pages when you compile. This allows you to have a large project that you can compile in subsets depending on your needs, or to simply not compile pages that are under development. To access Topic Conditions click on the "Properties" tab below the editor, then on the "Conditions" tab. For more information please see Page Conditions.

Adding a New Topic/Heading, there is a new option "Add Above" to allow you to insert your new entry above the current one. If it is unchecked it will be added below.

The splitter positions for the resizable contents pane and the help text pane are now remembered when you reload Fast-Help.

Delete Project - this is a new option on the File menu and allows you to permanently delete your Project and all the folders and files that Fast-Help manages.

The Documentation options on the Compile screen has several options added to it. These options affect the adding of page breaks after Headings and Topics and the inclusion of Page numbers and headers or footers. These options were previously only available from the Documentation Options screen.

The "Help Text" section of the Documentation Options has had the names of the "Add Page Break" options for Headings and Topics changed to be more intuitive. The new option for "First Topic after Heading starts on new page" has also been added to this screen.

Deleting a link now checks to ensure that no text outside the link is selected, as this can change the font color for the whole paragraph and it now works within table cells.

Overridden Background images and colors were not applied when the Nonscroll region was empty. This has been resolved.

Documentation Table of contents page numbers and Index page numbers issues have been resolved.