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= New Feature

= Improvement

= Resolved Issue

= Fast-Help International specific

Note: Fast-Help International users should read the changes to how Translations are handled as this update splits translations into separate databases which speeds up the handling of the main Project.




The HtmlHelp Compile screen has a new option, "Use International Character Set". This is an enhancement to the "Convert Unicode to Ansi" option. If these options are both checked then all text will be converted based upon the character set that is defined in either "Project | HtmlHelp Compiler Opiotns", or if it is a Translation being compiled, then the Character Set for that Translation is used.

Better error management. If Fast-Help should have a problem a screen will now appear telling you there was a problem and offering you the option to e-mail the problem directly to us. You also get the option to close, continue or restart Fast-Help.

Printing from CHM files and HtmlHelp files could show the scroll bar if the page was not maximized. This has now been allowed for. The JavaScript file FHNonscroll.js has been updated and is installed into your Templates folder as part of this update. Please copy the FHNonscroll.js to the HtmlHelp folder of your projects to apply these changes.

WinHelp Compiles are now faster.

The Print Preview screen now opens maximized.

Editing Context Strings and HelpIDs from the Properties tab is now more intelligent and non-changing keys, such as arrows keys, are ignored.

Translations are now stored in separate databases. Previously all translations were stored in the master Project. When you open existing projects for the first time they will be automatically migrated to the new method and the only difference you will notice is that there has been a significant speed increase in loading languages.

There is a modified screen for adding Strings, accessible from the "Strings" tab.

The Strings tab now shows total strings in brackets for both the Project and the Translation.

Cascade Changes - if the original for a Topic/Popup has changed and the status is Translated, the status is changed to Part-Translated, rather than Un-Translated as before.

In Website compile, if the nonscroll was empty and "Include Nonscroll" was checked, pages with a large volume of text would have no scroll bar. Fixed.

"Tools | Reset HelpIDs" was not working correctly, fixed.

The Insert Image screen used to open the image in the default editor when double-clicked, it no longer does this, but simply inserts the image in the editor as expected.

The "Language" name was not being reloaded in HtmlHelp Compiler Options. Fixed.

The Translation Status could change status from Red to Amber when simply clicking in the text. It now changes status only when a change has been detected.