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= New Feature

= Improvement

= Resolved Issue

= Fast-Help International specific




Import WinHelp Wizard: Located on the File menu, you can now import a .HPJ WinHelp Project file or de-compile and import a .HLP file.

WinHelp Compiles have been further optimized and are now faster.

Screens that contained fields that allowed you to use an up and down arrow to increase or decrease the number, can now receive keyboard input whereas before you could only change the value with the mouse.

PDF compile now checks to see if the last compiled PDF file is being viewed, and asks you to close it if it is, before compiling.

An issue with Contents entries not maintaining the level they were added at, has been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused.

The images in the "Original" section were not showing the original images but were displaying the images in the Images folder of the Translation. This is now fixed.