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Link Analyzer: The Tools menu has a new menu option, "Reports", containing a single entry "Link Analyzer". This feature will check all the links in your Project and display a report showing the results. A copy of the report is also saved in a Reports folder below your Project.

Fast-Help International users can also select "Translations | Report | Link Analyzer" to check all links in the current Translation. A copy of the report will be saved to a Reports folder below your Translation folder.

Fast-Help International: You can now right-click in the translation editor on a link and see the menu option to delete that link. This is useful to be able to tidy up a translation where the original link has been removed and you don't want to cascade all changes.

Last Used Projects list, on the file menu, has been increased to track the last 10 Projects rather than 4, as it was before.

Drag and drop in Contents has been improved - if you drag a contents entry and hold it over the top or bottom of the contents panel, any other entries that are not currently visible will automatically scroll into view.

If a link is broken and you pass your mouse over it, the hint will now let you know that it is broken and that you should right-click it and select "Delete Link" and then re-create it.

Website Help with Contents that were nested over 4 levels deep had the titles squashed on the right. This has been fixed.

Bookmarks were not always listed when creating links to them. The "Insert | Boormark" screen now forces a refresh of all bookmarks on the current page and now sorts them alphabetically.

The Style Gallery had two problems, the first was setting multiple options together, such as bold, overstrike etc. The second was that some styles which were very similar were not always reloaded correctly in the Style selection field. These have both been fixed.