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= Fast-Help International specific




PocketPC Support: You can now compile your Projects as a PocketPC help file. This appears as an extra option on the Compile screen, giving you a total of six possible formats to compile to, from the same single-source.

Multi-User checks: For site licence users and multi-licence owners the status bar now shows a shared symbol when two or more users are editing the same project. A flashing warning will also appear in the status bar if one user tries to edit a page that is already being edited by another user. Any page currently being edited by another user is opened in read-only mode. Click here to see more.

Word Count: On the "Tools | Reports" menu you can now get statistics on the word usage throughout your Project.

The Insert menu has a new option, "Insert Symbol" to allow easy insertion of umlauts and other international characters and symbols.

Images that were too big to fit on the page in PDF and RTF are now automatically scaled to the width of the document.

Paste as Plain Text: This is a new menu option on the main menu and right-click menu which will paste the contents of the clipboard without any formatting. The short-cut is Ctrl+Alt+V.

You can now right-click on the Navigation view and print the grid.

Custom Colors are now saved and re-loaded in the font and paragraph color settings screen.

Fast-Help International: Dealing with Duplicated Text: This feature will search your Translated text based on rules you decide, then search for untranslated text that matches, basically duplicated text, and apply the translation based on the rules you have selected. This can dramatically speed up the translation and improve translation consistency.

Word Count: The Translation menu also has this new feature which will give you the total words in the Translation text for the current Translation Language.

The Translation menu now has a new option, "Compact and Repair", to compact and repair the current Translation Language.

Spell Check now works on Translations. You can change the dictionary by spell-checking an incorrect word, then clicking in Options and selecting the foreign language dictionary there.

Spell checking used to begin checking from the cursor position, this was found to be confusing so now it checks the whole page from the beginning.

Shortcuts for cut, copy and paste, have now been added for the Translation fields.

Changes to HelpIDs in Properties were not immediately reflected. This has been fixed.

Contents Pane in HtmlHelp could not be resized over 100. This has been fixed.