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Import CHM Files: You can now import existing HtmlHelp Projects. You can import either the .HHP Project file or the CHM file.

Backups and Restores: You can access this feature from the "File" menu. This feature can backup and restore your Project and all supporting files.

Restore Points: Whenever you save, a copy of your page before the changes are applied, is saved as a Restore Point. You can set 0 - 999 Restore Points from "Project Settings". You can right-click on a page and select "Restore to an earlier Point" and choose a Restore Point.

ShortCuts: There are two new ShortCut keys, F11 and F12. F11 will move to the next item in any list you are in, Topics, Index, etc. F12 will move to the previous item.

Adding Topics: Now, when adding a new Topic, if the title uses any non-Western characters the Topic is automatically converted to unicode to support the characters.

Project Settings has two new options, "Save changes without asking?" and a setting for the maximum number of Restore Points for the current Project.

Exclude pages when Compiling: There is now a much simpler way to exclude a page when compiling. On the Properties tab below the editor, simply click on the compile format that you wish to exclude this page from.

The editor on the Translations tab now has a Properties tab where you can set the exclude options for compiling.

Saving: This is a big change. Every time you move off a page or exit without saving you will now be prompted to save any changes. You can automatically save by checking the new "Save all changes without asking?" option in Project Settings. And now, every time you save, a Restore Point is created.

Print and Print Preview have been improved.

Styles: Previously when you pressed enter and moved to a new line the previous style was not continued. Now the style will continue until it is changed.

Translations: Previously, changing the status of a Topic to Translated or Part-Translated caused the page to automatically re-sort in the list. This no longer happens and pages will only be re-sorted when the Title bar is clicked for that column.

HelpIDs on the Properties tab were not always synchronized with the current topic. This has been fixed.