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= Fast-Help International specific




Custom Lists for bullets and numbers are now saved between Fast-Help sessions. So if you customize a bulleted list for example, the next time you load Fast-Help you no longer have to recreate this list.

The Project Settings screen has a new option on the General tab, "Save WinHelp Project file as Unicode". This is unchecked by default. This is an important change only for those customers who use unicode in their projects. If you use unicode and compile for WinHelp, then please check this option.

The Project Settings screen also has a new option on the Html tab, "Save Lists/Bullets using Inline Styles". This option allows custom lists to be saved to Html.

A new shortcut key, "F9", will now move you between the help text editor on the right of the screen and the list of topics/popups on the left.

Website Compiles have been further optimized so they are much quicker.

Project size and images. A copy of images was previously saved within the project .mdb file. This could bloat the size of the project and slow it down. This has now changed and is a significant change. Any time you edit a topic this new way of saving in will automatically occur. But to make the benefits felt for existing projects, you can either make a single change to each topic, or, edit the HelpSettings.ini file and add the following line, "MenuRefreshAllPages=1" to the [Preferences]" section. When you reload Fast-Help a new menu option will appear on the "Tools | Maintenance" menu called "Refresh All Pages". Select this option to go through your whole project and it will re-save all pages. Now select "Tools | Maintenance | Compact and Repair your Project" and the benefits will be applied. Your project will load faster and pages will load quicker.

International version: When in "Allow Unprotected Editing" mode, you can now double-click an image and change its properties.

Printing from CHM files. There has been a bug in printing, specifically if you chose the option "Print the selected heading and all subtopics", where pages would be printed overlayed upon each other. This is now fixed.

WinHelp compiles could duplicate topics/popup, which could be found in the Find results or error log. Fixed.