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Website Help can now be called by passing a HelpID or a Context String. Simply recompile with v4 and you can open a page using "..\Index.html?3400" or "..\Index.html?Welcome", using HelpID or Context String respectively.

Image handling has several new features as follows. Images are now resizable. When you click on an image, resize handles will appear. Resizing will maintain the aspect ratio of the image. You can now right-click on a selected image and delete it, or reset it to its original size, if it has been resized. Another new option is "Save Image to a New File Name". This is useful in the instance where you have resized an image and want to save it as a new file name using the new dimensions. You can also save between different file formats, BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG. And finally right-clicking an image will show the option to "Replace Image". This allows you to change the image without deleting it, which is useful to maintain any hotspots or properties you may have added to the image.

Save Project As. This new option on the File menu will make a copy of your Project in a new folder, and move across all your images and any Translations you may have.

The Edit menu has a new option, "Delete Multiple Pages". This displays a check box beside each Contents entry and allows you to quickly delete any checked page.

The Conditions screen has two new options, Globally Apply and Globally Remove, allowing you to quickly add or remove a Condition to every page in your Project.

The Conditions tab on the Properties tab also has the same two new options as above, but with two other new options as well, "Add to this Page and all pages below it" and the equivalent Remove option. This allows you to quickly enable or disable a branch of the Contents tree with a Condition.

On the Properties tab is a new "Lock This Page" option. When this option is checked your page will be read-only, preventing further editing. This is a useful way to mark your pages as completed, indicating that they should no longer be changed.

The Insert Image screen now has a Favorites section. This allows you to quickly select one of your favorite folders. This is very useful when you store images in multiple locations and want to quickly navigate between them. Clicking the Add Favorites button will add the currently selected folder as one of your favorite locations. To delete any favorite folder from the list, select it from the drop down list and click the Remove Favorite button.

RTF: There is a new option on the Compile screen when compiling RTF files - Save Style Names. If this option is checked, then Fast-Help will attempt to save a style sheet within your rtf document, listing all the style names from the Style Gallery.

The Properties tab has a new option for controlling page breaks in Documentation. "When compiling Documentation - do not start this Topic on a new page." When this option is checked, and you are compiling Documentation, this Topic will not start on a new page. This enhances the existing general options for page breaks on the Compile screen.

You can now right-click in Help Text and select "Set Project Background Colors". This will load the new "Background Colors" tab in Project Settings. Previously you could only change the colors from the Windows tab in compiler options for WinHelp or HtmlHelp. This is now a more intuitive way of changing the background colors.

Help Assistant. This new feature is an interactive character that will demonstrate how to use specific features within Fast-Help. He appears the first time you use a new feature or screen. He is currently only available in the "Save Image as a New File Name" and "Replace Image" screens. We very much welcome your feedback on this feature. If the response is positive we will extend this to the whole product.

International version: The Strings tab has been overhauled and has a new feature "Notes for the Translator". This allows you to send notes with screenshots, explaining what the string is. Empty notes will not be visible to the Translator.

International version: You can now double-click HtmlHelp controls, such as ShortCuts and custom TAGS, in the Translation View. If "Allow Unprotected Editing" is checked, then you will be able to edit the inserted HtmlHelp control. This is useful in order to change button Captions, etc.

International version: If you right-click on an image on the Translations tab, you or your translator can now select "Reset Image to Original Size" and "Replace Image". The ability to now replace images allows you more flexibility in allowing translators to translate screenshots and the option to use a different image for a specific language.

Website Help and XP Service Pack 2: Service Pack 2 introduced new security features that blocked script actions at the default security level. This caused a message to appear "Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer." This only affects the viewing of your Website Help files locally. Re-compile with v4 and this message will no longer appear.

Expandable Paragraphs has been overhauled. You now have a quick select feature to choose ready-made images that will enhance the look of your help file.

You may notice that there is a new Fast-Help logo and several of the images within Fast-Help have been updated, including the Ghost image, the Topic images and the International Globe on the Translations compile screen.

The Insert Image screen is now resizable and it remembers the last size and position used.

Website Compiles now use forward slashes when inserting image references for Tabs and Navigation images, i.e. "Images/Left.gif". This is necessary for certain servers in combination with Netscape. This has no effect on Internet Explorer.

The Conditions screen has been completely redesigned and is now more intuitive.

When applying a Style, if the selected text contains a link that will be overwritten, you are now warned and given the option to stop.

Updating Editable status for a heading did not update the new icon image immediately, now it does.

International version: Cascade and Images - in some circumstances, when the "Update Images" was checked, an image with a newer date than the same image name in the base language was mistakenly updated. This has been fixed.

International version: The Language Manager screen did not select the current language when opening, now it does.