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Cascade Style Changes: When you make any changes to the "Style Gallery" on the Format menu and click OK, you now get the option to cascade those style changes throughout your whole Project. You also get the option to automatically backup your Project first and to create Restore Points for every page.

"FHUtilities.js" is a new JavaScript file that is installed with this update and is automatically added to your HtmlHelp and Website help compiles. It includes two functions, "FHToggleHiddenParagraphs" - which controls expandable paragraphs and "OpenFileRelativeToCHMFolder" - which you can use to open a file using relative directory addressing. See the new help file FAQ "Opening external files in HtmlHelp" for details on using this new feature.

Import Pages from Other Projects: Available from the "File" menu, you can now import pages from other Fast-Help Projects.

General Reserved Variables: These are a list of variables that you can use in your pages and when you compile they will be replaced. They include the page's HelpID, Date last modified etc. See the Variables topic in the help file for a full list.

Import WinHelp: This has been rewritten for greater support for RoboHelp files and other vendors files. It is also much quicker.

Import HtmlHelp: This has also been rewritten and is much quicker and will import RoboHelp files and will now use inline CSS styles within the pages.

Custom bullets: When you compile to HtmlHelp, custom bullets are now automatically cleared during compile to prevent a build-up of old bullet images.

A message now appears before opening a compiled RTF file, to help remember that pressing Ctrl+A followed by F9, is required to update page numbers in the Table of Contents in MS Word.

When you use the Copy To... feature when compiling, if for some reason your files cannot be copied because they would overwrite files in use, then a message now appears to let you know.

Pressing F11 and F12 when you are within the Index list on the Translations tab, now selects all text in Translated field, making it more intuitive and quicker to translate.

Compile Documentation and the "Do not start this Topic on a new page"  property, has been extended so it now applies to headings too.

If a nonscroll region contained only a table, then the compile could think  it was empty and ignore it. This has been fixed.

Custom Colors were not correctly remembered between sessions. This has been fixed.

PDF Protection: On the "Protection" tab in "PDF Options" the "Prevent" box should read "Enable Options". This has been changed.

PDF Page numbers could be off by one depending on the Layout options chosen. This has been fixed.