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= Fast-Help International specific




Both PDF and RTF compile screens have a new option "Optimize Compile Time". When checked, the first time you compile you will see a 3 x speed increase, but each subsequent time it will be up to 4 x faster.

Import MS Office Documents: This option is on the "File | Import" menu. If you have MS Office installed then you can now import MS Word documents directly into Fast-Help. The document is initially imported as one single document and each page is identified by a Topic Marker. You can edit/add/delete these. These will determine how the document is split into Topics during the import process.

PDF Links: On the PDF compile screen is a new option "Use Links in PDF". When checked, this will convert all Topic and Internet links to clickable links. Popup and other links are ignored.

Right-to-Left Paragraph Support: When you open the "Paragraph Properties" from the Format menu, you will see this new option, allowing  you to mix paragraphs of right-to-left and left-to-right reading order. This is especially useful for Asian and Arabic languages.

Editable Headings were a HtmlHelp only feature, but we have now added this support to Documentation. When the "Print Editable Headings" option is checked, any help text for the editable heading will be added to the document. This option is unchecked by default.

Images in Variables: In the Variables screen you can now use the "Insert Image" toolbar icon to add images to your variables help text.

When working with Unicode Projects, it was not always clear if the current page was already unicode enabled or not. So now, a red Unicode image will appear in the Status bar if the current topic or popup has been formatted for unicode.

Project Settings has a new option, "Add the Popup Title to the Help Text of new Popups". When checked, it will do exactly that. It will also use the last used template for its formatting. This option is checked by default.

Large Projects compiled to RTF could run out of memory if they used large bitmaps. A new option on the Compile screen, "Convert BMPs to JPGs" reduces the RTF size significantly and avoids "out of memory" problems.

International: You can now right-click on the Translation Language field and select "Unload this Language". This allows you to load your Project quicker if you are not editing the translation language each time.

International: You can now insert images into the Translation topics using the "Insert | Image" menu. This allows you to override the base language image.

International: When adding Strings on the Translations STRINGS section, the string size is shown as you type. This helps you to know when the limit of 255 characters has been exceeded.

Changes made to Website Options now appear in real time. Previously you had to close the screen and reopen it to see certain changes.

Passwords and registration details are now stored in the Registry, allowing multiple users to use the same machine and use different projects.

The "Save" screen now has a "Cancel" option, that when chosen will not leave the current page and will not save any changes. There is also an option on the Save screen to Automatically save in the future. This can be overridden from the "Project Settings" screen.

The Navigation View, which is the last icon with a green arrow on the Contents toolbar, now loads on demand. Previously it was loaded as the Project was loaded, but this feature is not used by everybody, so the first time you click the Navigation icon the Navigation View will be loaded. This significantly speeds up the loading time for Projects.

Creating Links is now more intelligent. If your highlighted text begins with "www" or "http" then the link details are automatically filled for you.

Loading the Edit Link screen is now very fast, even on very large Projects.

The PDF compile option is no longer on the Documentation compile screen. Please choose the PDF option directly from the compile options on the left of the compile screen instead.

Documentation and Cover Images: You can now insert images in the Front Cover and Back Cover using the Insert Image toolbar button in the Documentation Options screen.

WinHelp Popups are now added to the [MAP] section of the Project file during compile. This allows you to access the Popup HelpIDs from your application in the same way as you can access Topics.

Replace All is now 3 x times quicker when working across all topics in your Project.

The Import Wizards for HtmlHelp and Html Files have been dramatically improved in terms of speed and quality.

International: Translated Indexes in HtmlHelp and Website Help are now sorted based on the translation rather than the original sort order.

International: You can now use the Paragraph Formatting screen when on the Translations tab.

Bitmaps in Website Help and CHM compiles were not being converted to JPGs, now they are.

Due to a security issue in Internet Explorer, Popups would not show as Topics in Website Help. A workaround has now been added to this version.

Related Topics and other HHCTRL controls were being inserted in Website Help. They are now ignored during Website compiles.

Convert to Unicode on Translation Topics, was not setting the modified flag to force the page to be saved. This has been fixed.