Welcome to v4.3.0.0
Below is a list of all the changes in this version.
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Custom Folders: Previously, all files needed to be saved to the HtmlHelp folder or Website folder during compile. For large projects this could make it difficult to organize files, so you can now use folder names as part of the Context Strings. These folders will then be created automatically at compile time. If you have a ContextString named "FirstPage" and you want to create a folder called "NewFolder" and store your topic in it, please change the ContextString from the properties tab so that it looks like this, "NewFolder\FirstPage". This will create the folder below the HtmlHelp or Website folder, whichever is relevant.

Context String Rules: If you select "Project | Project Settings" you can now specify how your Context Strings are created, including options for handling spaces, upper and lower case and prefixing with your own strings.

Bookmarks are now supported in image Hotspots. You can now double-click an image and add a hotspot that points to a bookmark.

Refresh Image: This is a new right-click option on Images which will reload from disk and set any new sizes. If you have hotspots and are compiling to WinHelp, then double-click the image and then click OK to re-save.

The compile screen has a new option, "Convert BMPs to JPGs". This will greatly reduce the size of your CHM file if you use CHM files. But be aware that JPGs are compressed files and may not have the same quality as a BMP file, so use only when it is appropriate.

Transliteration of Russian characters to readable strings has now been implemented for ContextStrings.

Project Settings has a new tab, "Folder Paths" where you can specify where you want your Project Folders and temporary files to be created, as well as controlling the location of your Templates.

Important Change! - Previously all new projects were created in the "Program Files" folder, which caused some users issues when they did not have sufficient security permissions to do so. With v4.3, all Projects now default to the "My Documents\FastHelp Projects" folder. The Templates folder is now also stored there, as well as all ini file settings. You can change these folders to suit how you work, in the "Folder Paths" section in the "Project Settings" screen.

Shared projects in multi-user environments have now been optimized and are now significantly faster.

Right-to-left support has been improved for Bullet and Number Lists in Eastern languages. These lists will now correctly display if they are formatted as Right-to-left in the "Format | Paragraph" screen.

The "Find" field in the "Edit Link" screen is now the default field for the cursor if the "Link to" field is empty. This makes this screen more efficient when you need to type and search for the destination topic. Also, when you click on the Topics and Popups tabs, the cursor now goes to the relevant Find field. And the final change to this screen is that searching is now case-insensitive.

Import support for RoboHelp files has been further improved.

The screen splitter position on the "Insert Image" screen is now remembered.

Previously a Link that was pasted was not unique, and still pointed to the original link. This has now changed. A link that is pasted from another topic is now unique and changes to that link will only affect that link.

HelpIDs could not be changed unless the Navigation View had first been selected. Sorry for the inconvenience of this. This is now fixed.

Added a blank line to top of the Popup header and text files in HtmlHelp compiles, to avoid a Delphi issue when calling popups from Delphi Applications.

The "Find" feature did not always work on repeated searches. This is now Fixed.

The "Shared Project" image sometimes appeared in the status bar even though the Project was only being used by one user. This is now fixed.

RTF Index in Translated compiles was not sorting the index correctly. This is now fixed.

Window Captions and Titles on the "Translations" - "General" - "Windows" tabs, were not immediately saved. This has been fixed.