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wxWidgets: This is a new Compile Option. wxWidgets has become very popular recently as a cross-platform programming framework and it comes with its own help system and viewer, which is very similar to HtmlHelp in appearance. You can now compile to wxWidgets help from the compile screen and it will produce a single file with the extension ".htb". These files ares viewable in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Global Changes: This new feature is available from the Format menu and allows you to choose from several tasks that affect your whole Project. This could be changing font or paragraph settings or adding text or images to every page.

AutoLinking: This is an automatic, rule-based feature, that will create your links at compile time, in HtmlHelp, Website Help and wxWidgets Help.

Website Help: Previously, a page that was loaded outside of the "index.html" page, would display as a standalone page, rather than displaying with the framework of Table of Contents, Index, Search etc. This could happen if a search engine such as Google, indexed your site and a user displayed one of your website pages. Now, when a website page loads, it checks to see of it is being displayed outside of the framework. If it is, then it automatically loads itself within the framework, instead of independantly.

Apple MAC Support for Website Help: On the compile menu for Website Help is a new option, "Enable Apple MAC Browser Support". When checked, this will save all the related JavaScript files as ANSI instead of Unicode. The main html pages will still work as Unicode if you are using Unicode. The supported browsers under the Apple MAC are Safari and Internet Explorer v5.5.

Flyover Hints: Previously you could double-click an image and make hotspot areas which were clickable. These linked to topics or popups or urls. Now you can choose "Hint" as an option. This allows you to type in a string of text up to 255 characters. When you pass your mouse over the hotspot of the image the hint will appear. This will work in HtmlHelp and any browser that supports hints.

Image HotSpots can now link to an "Internet" link, so you can now point HotSpots to urls.

Insert Page Break: This is a new option on the "Insert" menu. When selected, you will see a horizontal line with a page curl at the end, to signify the page break. It can be deleted like any other character. The Page Break will only be used when compiling to the documentation formats.

PDF Printer Adjustments: There is a new tab on the PDF options screen called "Printer Adjustments", which allows you to adjust the size of the page as it prints to PDF. This is to work around an overlapping of text issue that can happen with some printer drivers.

Printer Page Size: The "Documentation Options" screen as a new section "Printer Settings" where you can set the Page size and Orientation. These settings apply to all the documentation formats, including PDF.

The Translation view has a new option "Show the Contents Tree", to show the Contents as a hierarchy instead of a list-only view.

The Translation view also now has a Styles Combo box, which works in the same way as the Styles box in the main Help Text editor.

The Right-click menu in the Help Text area, will now show all available Table options, if the cursor is currently within a table.

When you select "Paste as Plain Text", the current style is now used and all pasted text is formatted to that style.

Importing MS Office Documents: A new help screen will be displayed if there are problems importing, suggesting some common solutions.

Website Help: Clicking the Back button in a browser to go back to the Contents, could cause a "False" error to appear at the top of the screen in Netscape. This has been fixed.

Style Gallery: The Custom Color for background colors was not working correctly. This has been fixed.

Zooming in the HotSpot editor, could clear all HotSpots. This has been fixed.