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If you are experiencing any problems with Fast-Help, you can now send us a log of what has been recently happening. On the "Tools" menu, select "Maintenance", then "Send Diagnostic Log to Support" and fill in your details and we will get back to you asap.

Merged Projects - "$global_" is now added to all window names if this Project is part of a merged project, solving some warning messages from the HtmlHelp viewer.

In Fast-Help when you create a link, an internal reference to that link is created. If you copy text that has a link in it, that reference gets copied too, so when you update one link, it updates all others of the same reference. This can be very useful, but can cause unexpected results if you are not expecting this. So now when you pass your mouse over a link, the status bar will show the internal reference number in square brackets so that you can determine which links are unique.

RTF Margins were not being saved to RTF. Fixed.