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= New Feature

= Improvement

= Resolved Issue

= Fast-Help International specific





Fast-Help is now Windows Vista compatible.

Compile again! - On the "Project" menu, this option will open the compile screen using the last settings you compiled with, and automatically begin compiling. This saves you a couple of clicks of the mouse and increases productivity.

On the "Translations" menu you can now select "Windows Regional and Language Options" to open this control panel, saving some time when switching between languages.

Support for Thai accents now added. This affects all languages that use diacritical accents when compiling to HtmlHelp.

Vista and WinHelp - Vista does not support WinHelp, so when Fast-Help loads and detects Vista, the WinHelp specific options are hidden. You can enable them by checking the "Show WinHelp Options under Vista" on the "Project Settings" screen.

On the "Backup / Restore Project" screen, when you select the "Restores" tab, the screen widens so that you can see wider backup file names and the list of backups are sorted in descending date modified order.

Compiling to PDF - the speed and resources usage has been greatly improved.

Compile to HtmlHelp with a mixture of Conditions and Excludes, could conflict. Fixed.

PDF Links - the rectangular clickable area was sometimes offset, this has now been fixed.

In any of the Printable compile options, the Header/Footer no longer appears on the Front or Back cover.