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XML Export and Import. You can now right-click on a page and export it to XML and then load it again in the same way. This allows you to edit the pages externally from Fast-Help.

Anchors (previously known as Bookmarks) can now have HelpIDs assigned to them. This allows you to jump straight to that HelpID from an external application. You can now click on an Anchor to edit it and click the [Show Advanced Options] button to see the HelpID option.

Some customers experienced a problem where, after pasting or importing text from MS Word with hidden protection formatting, the text could not be removed. You can now right-click on protected text and a new menu option will appear, "Clear Protection Settings", which will then allow you to remove the text.

The "HtmlHelp Compiler Options" screen now has a new tab, "Merging". This now contains the HtmlHelp specific options that were previously on the "Project Settings" screen, and also has a new feature to programmatically access slave pages from your applications.

You can now export your Translations to XML and use external tools such as Trados to translate your work and then import the translated XML files.

The "Send Diagnostic Log to Support" screen, which is accessed from the "Tools | Maintenance" menu, now allows you to send your project to  support for analysis. You must be within your support to do this.

The "Backup / Restore Project" screen now has an option to open the Backups folder when the backup is complete, which is useful if you want to move or send the backup zip file.

PDF Compiles have been further optimized and improved.

Website Help is now compatible with Opera v9.

Bookmarks are now known as Anchors and sport a new anchor icon.

PDF was not rendering WingDing fonts in Unicode. Fixed.

In PDF and RTF, converting PNG images could leave transparent backgrounds black. Fixed.

Keyboard layout was sometimes being changed to a U.S. Keyboard layout instead of the current country. Fixed.

Style names were not always exported to RTF. Fixed.

Automatically resizing images in PDF and RTF was sometimes leaving images wider than the page's right margin. Fixed.

Indented keywords in WinHelp were not indenting correctly. Fixed.

When multiple Variables in used in Contents titles, the second variable was not being replaced. Fixed.