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There is a new edition of Fast-Help - The Corporate Edition. One of the most popular requests we have had in terms of new features, are for better multi-user handling and the ability to handle very large projects. We have added several features that are specific to how larger organizations operate and as these features are not as relevant for single users we have separated them out into a new product - The Corporate Edition. This edition does everything that Fast-Help and Fast-Help International does, but adds the features that larger corporations and teams need to operate effectively in today's demanding global market place.

Status Images: Allows status icons to the left of the topic / heading image, to represent the status of your page. This is only for your own use, the end user of your help projects will never see these images.

Flyover Popups: A new kind of popup that works in CHM and Website Help and shows a small popup window when you pass your mouse over the popup link.

The Website Help compile screen has a new option to specify Flyover Popups, independently of HtmlHelp Compiler Options.

Edit Templates: This is a new option on the Tools menu which you can use to modify existing Templates and to create new ones.

In Anchors (previously called Bookmarks), you can now associate a HelpID with the anchor. This allows you to go straight to an anchor using a HelpID called from your application. In the "Insert | Anchor" screen you will see a new button [Show Advanced Options] which will reveal this new feature. This works in HtmlHelp only.

"Paste as OLE Container" is a new option on the Edit menu. If you copy a part of an image from PaintBrush.exe to the clipboard, then choose this option, Fast-Help will remember the original application and when you click in the pasted object, you will be able to use the original programs editing features. This same concept will work in Excel etc, or any other program that supports OLE.

The Spell Check feature now has a drop-down option to spell check all Topics or All Popups. If you are on the Translations tab, it will spell check the translation text.

"Align Justify" has been added to the formatting toolbar.

Conditions now have a new visual indication of whether they are Included or Excluded, with a Green check icon for included and a Red icon for excluded, i.e.:
    ..This text will be included...
    ..This text will be excluded...

Project Settings - There are several new options here, as follows:

  • Enable Live Spelling - when checked, whenever you begin editing, you will see a red squiggly underline on words that are misspelled.
  • Set the editor to use Unicode Only - when checked, all text typed and pasted into the editor will be Unicode. There is also a specific option on the Translations tab for the International and Corporate versions.
  • Use advanced Unicode keyboard editing - allows keystrokes to bypass keyboard translation checks, allowing exotic keyboards to work correctly. This affects all keyboard input into Fast-Help, including in the Translation editors.

When the cursor is on a Horizontal Line, you can now select "Format" > "Horizontal Line Properties" to set the color and line thickness.

The Properties tab has a new "Check All" button which will check or uncheck all the Exclude options. There is also a new button called [Apply these Property Settings to all child pages], which will set all child topics of the current page, to match its exclude property settings.

When you now try to edit a topic that is in use by another user, a fading message appears telling you who has locked the page.

Rulers - a new ruler section at the top of the editor allows for setting tab stops and resizing tables.

Variable support has now been added to Contents and Keywords. You need to type the variable name, i.e. a title could look like this

  Welcome to [$My_Product_Name]

If you had a variable called [$My_Product_Name], its value would be replaced at compile time. This also works for keywords.

Import pages from other projects - in The Corporate Edition you can now select a Translation and import pages from that, as well as the standard projects.

The Maintenance menu as a new option "Clear the Windows HtmlHelp Remembered Settings". This is useful when you have resized your CHM file and then want to reset the remembered settings so that Windows does not open it at the remembered position and size.

Reserved Variables - when you select "Insert | Variable" you will now see a list of all the reserved variables, allowing you to insert them quickly and easily.

In the multi-user version, when another user has already locked a page, you will see an alert window appear telling you the page is currently read-only and who currently has a write lock on it. This message will automatically fade away after 2 seconds.

Compile Again: This new menu option has the shortcut Ctrl+F8 and will open the compile screen and automatically click the OK button, re-using your last settings. It saves one step in the compile process.

Import ".HM Files". Importing these text files, created by applications such as ForeHelp, allow the changing of ContextStrings and HelpIDs to match those strings and IDs expected in external applications.

Website Search Ranking: You can now determine how your search results are ranked and allocate percentage rules based on whether the results appear in the title, keywords or help text.

The "HtmlHelp Compiler Options" screen has a new "Merging" tab. This contains some new settings which allow you to designate the current project as the Master, and then to optionally add support to allow Slave topics to be accessed through the Master project by an external application.

"Save Translation to a New Project" - this is a new option on the Translations menu in the Corporate Edition, and will save your translation to a new project.

Create a new Translation Language using the current translation as the base language. This new feature in the Corporate Edition is very useful if  you have a base language in say Spanish, then translate to English, then wish to use the English translation as the basis for a new Translation Language.

New Look: A more modern styling has given Fast-Help a face-lift for 2009. As part of this the three fields that previously featured at the top of the screen, are no longer shown. These fields are accessible from the Project Compile screens and hiding them now frees up more screen space. The Fast-Help Window now shows the project name in square brackets.

The "Tasks" tab is no longer enabled automatically. To show this tab, please select "Project Settings" and check the "Show Tasks" option.

Adding new Topics: New options for positioning the topics vertically and horizontally allow more accurate positioning within the contents tree.

Additionally you can now click a new [Show Templates] button to preview and choose a template.

Expandable Paragraph Images - these have been redone so that they include a space to the right of the image. This improves the aesthetic look of the expandable paragraph. Please ensure you have a backup of your "..\FastHelp Projects\Templates\Images" folder, in case you want to revert to the old images.

Variables can now be plain text. This is a check box option on the Variables screen.

Website Help now allows you to double-click and resize images and to set image properties.

Added Style Support to the Website Help screen which allows the se of the style "Raw Html".

In the multi-user version, the Shared status image, in the status bar at the bottom of the screen, now displays a number showing the number of concurrent users sharing the current project.

In the editor you can now right-click and insert variables.

The "This Project is part of a Merged Project" settings is no longer in the "Project Settings screen". The "HtmlHelp Compiler Options" screen now has a new tab called "Merging" that contains this setting.

Other minor changes:

  • The "Edit" tab is now called the "Editor" tab.
  • The Exit toolbar button has been removed in favor of the standard close icon in the Windows title bar.

You can now insert variables and conditions into the Translation editor. Also, if you are not in "Protected mode", you can edit and add links in the translation editor.

When you now select "Cascade Changes" from the "Translations" menu, a new "Auto backup" option backs up the translation prior to applying the changes.

Opera compatibility: Website Help is now compatible with Opera v9.

Multi-user locks: On some networks, depending on how they were configured, the multi-user locking would not identify a conflict correctly. This has now been fixed.