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Website Options has two new options that affect the behavior of the Contents. In the Contents tab you will see the new options as follows:

When the first option, "..Scroll.." is checked, if you have a large table of contents, the clicked topic will be scrolled to a central position on the left, when the topic is loaded.

If the second option, "..Collapse..", is checked, then when you open another heading, any other open headings that are not on the current branch, will be closed.

The "Delete Multiple Pages" feature and the "Add a Topic from another Project" feature on the Edit menu now have new options to help with the checking and un-checking of branches as well as the whole tree. 

The "Multi-Project Register" screen now has a new button [Edit Path]. This can be used to modify your referenced project's path in case it is ever moved to a different folder.

On the "Strings" tab in Translations, you can now use the Find toolbar icon to search on either the original string grid or the translation grid.

In the Link Analyzer, referenced pages that are added in the Corporate Edition are not included in the report.

Background color in Popups - the color remained white when it should have changed to the same color as the main help text's background color. Fixed.

The Last Used Project list did not save the history of projects under certain conditions, this has been fixed.

Link to Anchor could sometimes not show all anchors. Fixed.

Refreshing Referenced Pages did not always refresh. This has been fixed.