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Variables are now sorted by Variable name. If you have a long list of variables, this will make it easier to locate the variable you need. This new feature applies to both the "Tools | Variables" screen and the "Insert | Variable" screen.

The home page, "index.html", in Website Help, now has the Title added to it automatically, i.e. the <title>Project name</title> tags.

"Wait for Delayed Writes on Network". Some networks use replication to make a copy of all changes to another server or have a delayed write buffer which does not immediately save the changes to disk. Both of these situations can cause problems during compilation when Fast-Help is making multiple changes to files. The effect of this on some networks is that some topics are not fully updated. To get past this, we have added a "wait" option in "Project Settings", which will wait the given number of seconds for the network to catch up. This will slow the compile process, but will get past this problem.

wxWidgets - If Quck Compile was checked on the HtmlHelp tab, but not the wxWidgets tab, then the Index file was not re-created. This is now fixed.