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CHM files and Delphi Application Support: On the "Application Support" tab in "HtmlHelp Compiler Options", you can now check the Delphi option and after compiling to a CHM file, you will find a .pas file with the same name as your project's help file. This file can be used by Delphi Applications to reference pages within your CHM files.

Live Spelling: Previously if you highlighted multiple words, one of which was underlined with a red curly line to signify that it was misspelled, then right-clicking would automatically select just the misspelled word. This behavior has been changed to make it more like MS Word, where you will only see the suggested spelling corrections if you right-click on the misspelled word.

Ctrl+X would cut only the misspelled words from the current selection. This has been fixed so that every word in the selection will be cut, copied or pasted as expected.

Editable Headings in CHM: When upgrading some old projects, the editable headings were not always being written to html during compile. This has been fixed.