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PocketPC Help: There is a new option on the compile screen, "Save as UTF-8". This enables unicode to be correctly displayed on hand-held mobile devices.

You can now specify a separate <head> entry for Website Help. Previously, Website Help shared the <head> setting from HtmlHelp Compiler Options. See the new "Header" tab in Website Options.

The Website Compile screen now has it's own "Convert Unicode to Ansi" option, whereas previously it used the setting from HtmlHelp.

Translation Strings: This section has had an ergonomic facelift and the copy and paste buttons are now specific to the Original and Translation fields, as per many customer requests.

Full Text Website Search now allows searching on periods, "." and numbers.

Flyover Popups: The arrow used to appear to the right of the cursor, it now appears on the left. This prevents an issue whereby if the popup window size was too small, the arrow could appear to be separated from the popup window.

Inserting Reserved Variables, such as time-stamps, previously included a yellow background. When compiling, this background was still yellow. In this version, no background color is applied.

In HtmlHelp Compiler Options, Html ActiveX Popups and WinHelp Popups are disabled under Vista and Windows 7, as they are not compatible.

In the HotSpot Editor, the WinHelp tab has been removed when using Vista or Windows 7, as they are not compatible.

The Search toolbar icons could become disabled, even when clicking in the help text. This has been fixed.

When showing messages, on some screens, if you clicked on the screen instead of the message, then message became hidden behind it. This has been fixed.

When compiling large projects multiple times, you could get an "out of resources" error. This has been fixed.

Moving between Topics and Popups, the changes were not always saved in the Topic, sorry for the inconvenience this caused. This has been fixed.

The Translation String fields did not resize correctly when the screen was resized. This has been fixed.