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FastHelp is now fully compatible with Windows 8.

The physical disk size of the FastHelp project file has been dramatically reduced. Select "Tools", "Maintenance", "Compact and Repair your Project" to take advantage of this improvement.

PDF compiles have been improved, especially performance times with very large projects.

In the multi-user versions the way users are identified has been rewritten to allow for the same user name on different workstations, for example, "Administrator".

Some types of PNG images with 8 bit transparency could cause FastHelp to crash. This has been fixed.

The Hints for the following reserved variables in Website Help were showing incorrectly: WEBSITE_INDEX_HINT/SEARCH/CONTENTS. This has been fixed.

Command line compiles using INI files was not working correctly. This has been fixed.

Trying to load a Translation language where the physical disk file was not found was causing an "Index out of bounds" error. This has been fixed.

When a second user opened a project that was already open, the first user was not being notified, i.e. the shared icon in the status bar was still showing as 1. This has been fixed.

In the "Find" screen, if a result was not found when searching across all topics, the final message could sometimes be hidden behind the find screen. This has been fixed.

When a word was misspelled and you right-clicked and chose the menu option "Add to dictionary", it would only work if the word was selected. That has been fixed and it will now work when the word is not selected.