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Website Search Results are now Highlighted. In the screenshot below you can see that a search result on the right is highlighted in yellow. You can enable this feature from the "Search" tab in "Website Options".

Note: With the advent of this new feature, an old feature "Highlight exact match results in Bold" has been removed from the Website Options screen.

Website Search has another new option, "Delimiters". This allows you to control how words are identified. For example, if you use the delimiter "-", it will convert the word "anti-nuclear" into two words. But if you remove the hyphen as a delimiter then "anti-nuclear" will be seen as one word during a website search.

A new feature to disable the saving of log files. In Project Settings, on the first tab, there is an option "Save Diagnostic Logs". This is normally checked. Diagnostic logs are useful if you have a problem with your project. You can send your logs to us for analysis. Sometimes the logs can grow quite large, so if you do not need them then uncheck this option and they will not be created. You can turn this option back on at any time.

In "Project Settings", on the "Folder Paths" tab is a new folder option called "Create Temporary Files in this folder". When FastHelp is compiling it creates many temporary files. The default folder for these files is the "FastHelp Projects" folder. Using this new setting you can specify your own folder. This is useful if you want to designate a folder that is excluded from anti-virus checking or replication. Sometimes the compile process can be slowed down while it waits for anti-virus programs to release the file it has just created. Also, you will not want these temporary files replicated if you use briefcase or wallet software that automatically takes a copy of every file change you make.

In the Corporate Edition, the Command Line compile feature has been improved. When passing an ini file that sets "conditions", the whole project will be refreshed prior to the actual compile, reflecting the new conditions settings.

In multi-user versions the last topic worked on is now remembered by User name. This means that when each user loads a project the current topic will be the one they last worked on.

Numbered lists in RTF and PDF compiles could sometimes be merged. For example, two topics with a numbered list of 1, 2, 3, could be merged into 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 instead of remaining separate. This has been fixed. If this affected you then sorry for the inconvenience this caused.