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= FastHelp Corporate Edition specific





CHM files can now be without tabs. To remove all tabs, open the "HtmlHelp Compiler Options" screen and click on the Windows tab. Then on the bottom right, uncheck the "Search Tab", "Favorites Tab" and the new "Index Tab" option.

When you next compile, the top of the contents will look like this:

In the Corporate Edition, when creating a new translation based upon an existing translation, if there were any translated keywords with no characters, i.e. blank, then this would cause the creation of the new translation to fail. Now, a check is now made for this scenario and a warning is displayed.

The "My Documents\FastHelp Projects" folder previously stored a copy of the Sample Projects and Templates folders. This is no longer required if you choose to move these files to your own templates folder.

The JavaScript files for Website help were not always being copied to the Website folder during compile. This has been fixed.

The "Insert Image" screen was not showing previews for images in the "My Pictures" folder. This has been fixed.