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The "Html Settings" tab in the "Project Settings" screen has a new option called "If an image has been resized in the editor then resize the original to match it."

When you insert an image into the FastHelp editor you can then select the image and resize it. Even though the image may now be smaller in the editor, the original image remains unchanged. When this option is checked, during compile the original image is copied to the HtmlHelp or Website Images folder and is then resized to match the dimensions of the image in the editor. This can save a lot of space if you generally reduce the size of your images when resizing.

If you do not want FastHelp to resize your original images during compilation then uncheck this option.

On the CHM compile screen, you now have the option of displaying the CHM file after compile. This is checked by default. If you have checked the option to copy the CHM file to a different folder after compile, then you can choose to display the copy of the CHM file instead of the one in the HtmlHelp subfolder of your project.

On the "Properties" tab the following 3 fields have their background color of the field set to light grey, "Title", "HelpID" and "ContextString" to show that they are not regular editable fields. To change the text in these fields you need to press the [...] elipsis button on the right of the field.

Also when the ContextString editor first displays the text is no longer selected by default. If you want to change that behavior you can set the following new option in "Project Settings":

In Website Search results some of the words could be joined together.

This has been fixed, so there is now a space in between all words.

In Website Help, if a page other than the home page was loaded and the option "Force Website Pages to display within the Website Framework" was checked, the page did not open within the framework. i.e. the table of contents, index and search were not displayed. This has been fixed.

When saving a topic, if you used the down arrow key in the table of contents and simulatenously clicked on a different topic, it would cause a crash. This has been fixed.

If you have 2 projects open and you perform a backup of the first project, when the backup completes it will reload the last opened project rather than the one you were working with. This has been fixed.

If you change a ContextString, then try to link to that page you could get a warning saying the page could not be found. This has been fixed.

When changing the Templates folder in "Project Settings" the list of templates was not available in the "Add Topics" screen after a restart. This has been fixed.