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In "Project Settings" there is a new option "On opening, always open the last project". When checked, FastHelp will open your last project as normal. This is the default action. However, if it is unchecked then FastHelp will present the "Open Project" screen.

Translations and Variables: You can insert variables within a variable. For example, if you have a variable called $VERSION, you can insert that in a variable called $PRODUCT like so, "The current version is $VERSION". Please note that you can only nest variables within another variable to one level, i.e. variables will be processed once within each variable.

Website Search: The following text on the Search tab, "You can surround exact strings.." has been removed as it is no longer applicable.

Website Help Browser Compatibility: The vertical scroll bar was not appearing correctly in all browsers. This has been fixed.

Website Help: If the CHM file name was not set this would show an error when compiling to Website Help. These options have now been separated.

Website Help: If the Project Title and Name were not set then an error would be displayed. This is now automatically resolved by assigning a default title based upon the project name.

CHM Merge issue: In some cases when a slave project was merged with the master project, the slave contents were not correctly indented. This has been fixed.

Translations: In some scenarios "Conditions" were not being removed. This has been fixed.