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A new feature in Website help is the ability to display the full url. Previously only the "index.html" file was shown as the url, no matter what page you were on. You now have the option of showing the full url of the current page. This allows you to then send that url to someone else, and they can then paste that into their browser and go directly to that page.

This new feature is enabled by default. To change it, go to "Project", "Website Options". Click on the "Contents" tab and you will see the new option at the top, "Show the page name in the address bar".

Previously in Website Help, when you are on the Index tab and you choose a page and then go back to the Contents tab, the contents tree would return to the default page. Now the contents tree will synchronize with your selection from the Index tab and show that pages position in the contents tree.

Similarly to the new feature above - previously when you were on the Search tab in Website Help and display a result and then go back to the Contents tab, the contents tree would show the default page. Now it will synchronize the contents tree to your search results selection.

In "Project Settings" there is a new option "Increment HelpIDs by". The default value is 1. But you can specify any positive value. The next time you add a new topic or popup, the HelpID for that page will be incremented by this value.

In Website Help, if you are testing your website locally, i.e. on your local drive, the address bar in your browser will start with "file:/" instead of "http". The Chrome browser disables some javascript functions when displaying the website locally. It works fine when uploaded to the internet and using http. But when testing the site locally, this can be confusing. So now, when you are on the Search tab, a message will appear when you click on the "Search" tab letting you know that it will work when uploaded to the internet. This only applies to Chrome when used locally.

When you right-click in the Popups tab, the Status Image menu was not showing all options. This has now been fixed.