v7.2 Released 18-Mar-2013
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Below you will find spell checking dictionaries in many languages that you can use with Fast-Help. Simply click on the one you want and once downloaded, unzip it into your Fast-Help installation folder.
    Afrikaans 472k
    Brazilian Portuguese 143k
    British 248k
    Czech 392k
    Danish 549k
    Dutch 614k
    Finnish   40k
    French 246k
    German 483k
    Hungarian 1,026k
    Italian 67k
    Norwegian 229k
    Polish 616k
    Portuguese 86k
    Russian 364k
    Spanish 351k
    Swedish 146k

To use your new dictionary we need to get into the Options button of the Spell checker. The easiest way to do this is to type in a mis-spelled word and press F7. When the Spelling screen appears click the [Options] button.

You should now see your language appear in the list. Click the check box for the dictionary you want to be used in future and click [OK].


You can download either the US English or the UK English Thesaurus from below:-
    US English Thesaurus 706k
    UK English Thesaurus 708k
Currently there are no other language versions. Please download one of the above and unzip it into your Fast-Help installation directory. You can can now high-light a word in the editor and press Shift+F7 or select "Tools | Thesaurus" and you will be given a choice of alternative words.

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