Sometimes customers only communicate when there are problems (we feel this way with many of our customers… no news is good news). However, I wanted to tell you that we’ve had very good results with your product now that we’ve got it running smoothly. It not only makes a difference in how our customers understand our software, but also gives the software a more professional feel as well as helps us better document the changes and upgrades in our system.

A friend of mine is preparing to market a project-management software designed for the direct mailing industry. I saw his beta version last evening and think your product would be perfect for his needs. I’ll be recommending you to him today.

Frank Weinmeister, Director of Support Services
Innerspec Technologies

Best customer service of any software company I have ever dealt with, even my own. Fast reply to all my questions. I purchased FastHelp this spring after trying several other products; I just couldn’t beat the price and reliability of the software. Not only do we write all of our software help with FastHelp, we also are compiling manuals for distribution in educational classes and I use it to assist me with writing technical reports. The user interface is well done and easy to understand, the organization structure is easy to navigate. If you write help files for your software, create manuals or just want to have a well organized technical report, you can’t and won’t go wrong with this product.
Bobby Jones, President
Calc Zone


As a developer I know that the one thing that I dislike the most about a software project is having to write the documentation, manuals and user help files. It’s not an easy task to write the help and manuals that your end users expect with their software.

Well, I just wanted to share with you the one and only tool that I use for putting documentation together … FastHelp. This one program will do just about everything. You write the documentation once and then you can export it in many different formats that most end users are familiar with such as HtmlHelp (.chm), WinHelp (.hlp), PDF’s, PocketPC Help, wxWidgets Help and more (check out the online help to see a sample). It can import Office documents easily, handles bookmarks/anchors, keywords are made simple and the list goes on. On the home page there is a 1 minute challenge where you have to create a PDF document in under 1 minute….1 minute (it’s not a typo!!).

There is another aspect of FastHelp that is truly great and it’s not even mentioned on their web site and that’s the fantastic online service. If you’re looking for a program to assist you in writing your user documentation then I highly recommend that you trial FastHelp and see for yourself. Nothing that I’ve seen to date comes close to the features included and the price is a lot less than you would expect to pay too.

Ed Brown

We evaluated all the latest help generation software and nothing came close to the ease at which we could start off running with FastHelp. We now use it everywhere we can. Our customers love that we can produce any format of help that they ask for from Html Help to Pocket PC help. We even have our help available online in the web html format. If you’re serious about helping your customers this is the solution we recommend!
Marc Reidy, Director
Anywhere Together Software


Every release we add new features and functions to our product line. Most companies would need a documentation staff to keep up with the level of changes that we are continually adding to our product. However, FastHelp is so INCREDIBLY easy to use that we just simply update our documentation pool with every change and recompile the *.chm when it’s release time. After using FastHelp we’d never even consider trying to tackle the feature set that you’ve created. I especially love that it’s just a simple re-compile to generate PDF manuals of our documentation. I can’t imagine life without FastHelp. It gives our software, TransMagic, an edge in professionalism and presentation over our competitors in terms of documentation too.

We will always be on maintenance and from one company to another: we wish you all success. You deserve it. What a great product.

Craig Dennis, C.T.O.
TransMagic, Inc.

Hi there! I was given the task of writing a help file for our new depot management system (DepotPro). The usual word processing and website design packages didn’t really give me what I wanted so I hunted around for some Help authoring tools. I tried 4 different tools but found that FastHelp was leaps and bounds ahead of the others. It was easy to install, super easy to use, and it gave me all the formats I could possibly want. So we bought the full version and haven’t looked back since. My help file is now finished and incorporated into the software so our users can Help themselves without having to leave the program! Added to that, the developers of DepotPro were so impressed with the final product that they now want me to write help files for their other modules! So thank you FastHelp for creating such a fabulous product, and a very big thank you to your Sales & Support team for providing timely, genuine good old fashioned customer service. (Thanx Steve!)
Michelle Verspaget, Technical Writer
IRS International Pty Ltd


Thanks for your prompt reply. The solution resolved the problem – I even installed it remotely on a terminal Server Machine and it did the trick. I continue to be impressed with this programme and congratulate you on your obvious commitment to quality and excellent service.
Doug Coates
eZAN Technology

Just to say I’ve now finished writing the Help file and that FastHelp has been a joy to work with. Thanks for your support along the way.


Your personal support has been exceptional, extraordinary, superior and notable in this age of vendors who brag of their ‘quality tech support’ yet never deliver. Unlike software vendors who offer ‘tech support’ and only deliver a first line response team that can give advice on anticipated problems, FastHelp gives its customers direct access to the people who actually develop and support the product. I was amazed at how, in one day, you identified, fixed and sent an update to me for FastHelp. I had anticipated, based on experience with other software vendors, that my problem would take weeks or months or never to get resolved – and you did it within hours. My congratulations to you and to FastHelp for this strong focus on after-the-sale support. I will be sure to share my positive experience with others. :)
David Kirk

Three years ago the responsibility of producing help files for a new software release fell on me. This presented a problem because I did not have a help authoring tool, limited time to find one and less time to learn how to use the tool. Minutes after installing the FastHelp trial version, I went from a shopper to a customer. This product is wonderful. I am still in awe as to how easy it is to produce manuals, help files, PDF files, etc. I highly recommend FastHelp for its ease of use, reasonable price and outstanding output. The customer service is excellent – thanks Gary.


I’ve got to give you credit, FastHelp is a really great tool and I do not want to be without it. I replaced Doc-to-Help and have not regretted it a minute! Thanks for your fine work with FastHelp!

I have a fully registered version of eHelp but I still purchased FastHelp and prefer it because it is easy to learn, simple to use and yet very powerful. I don’t see why one would need another Help authoring tool.


Tri-CAD Technologies started using FastHelp about 4 years ago as an experimental method of providing a software solution to our range of CAD Educational products. Each of our products contains approximately 500 pages of documentation with associated audio visual instructions and detailed illustrations. We had sampled many authoring tools but found FastHelp to be the most effective for our needs due to its easy interface, fast compiling and automated documentation production.

Above all, we have received such fantastic support that we went from novice to power user within a very short space of time and now use FastHelp to deliver every product in our range. Needless to say, we have no hesitation whatsoever in renewing our subsciption and, in fact, eagerly await each new upgrade.

Val Carter, Managing Director
Tri-CAD Technologies

For our company, FastHelp has turned out to be a very wise investment. It has dramatically reduced the time required to develop documentation, and produces packages that both look and perform better. I also really appreciate the time you took to prepare the video tutorials on the changes and new features … very useful!

Presently, we have ported the HTML Help utilities for two of our major applications to FastHelp (http://www.ezprompt.com and http://www.ezcaption.net) and for the first time, the websites have Help which mirrors that available in the CHM files.

I’m glad we bought our FastHelp licenses!


This is my follow up testimonial, 2 years ago the company I work for, Bromcom Plc, purchased FastHelp at my request. I thought it was an excellent piece of software then. Now 2 years on I still think it is the best and whats more it doesn’t sit on its praise, it keeps improving even when it looks as if there is no margin for improvement.

We produce attendance software for schools and I have to supply all the manuals and Help files, FastHelp allows me to do this quickly. Thank you to the whole team.

Christine Andrews, Technical Author
Bromcom Computers Plc